Recent Before & After Photos

Bathroom leak

There was a lot of water damage to the ceiling of this room from a toilet supply line in the bathroom above. The ceiling was saturated enough that it ended up s... READ MORE

Fire Extinguisher Residue

Besides the possible smoke and soot damage that comes from a fire, there is also the residue left over from the fire extinguisher. This set of photos is fr... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss

This was a commercial water loss that had come from a broken pipe. The water rained down into multiple office areas and a long hallway. The before picture shows... READ MORE

Stained Commercial Sink

This is one incredible transformation. Here we have a stainless steel sink that  had been used multiple times, almost never cleaned, and then sat for ... READ MORE

Spray Painted TV

This TV was vandalized when someone broke into a home. We were able to effectively remove the paint and clean the T.V with out causing any more damage. Spray pa... READ MORE

Spray Painted TV 2

This was the second TV That was vandalized and spray painted in a home. The cleaning technician at SERVPRO of Rockford did a fantastic job effectively removing ... READ MORE